What is PolimiRide?

The PolimiRide is the first bicycle race organized by Politecnico di Milano. The first edition will take place on Sunday 9 October 2022 in Piacenza on a circular route, with departure and arrival on Viale Pubblico Passeggio. The PolimiRide Village will be set up within the Piacenza Campus of Politecnico di Milano. You can sign up for three types of competition:

The 25 km non-competitive race develops on a flat route suitable for all levels of preparation; for the 74 km races there are some mandatory requirements to be able to register, which you can find in the following questions and in the official regulations, at the end of this page.

The term “race” means both the competitive and non-competitive events.


NB: due to the concomitance with the political elections, in order to guarantee the safety conditions provided for the race and to prevent the event from hindering the electoral commitment of the participants and the inhabitants of the area, the PolimiRide 2022 has been postponed from 25 September to 9 October.

How and by when is it possible to register for PolimiRide?

Through the website, you can choose whether to participate in the 25 km non-competitive PolimiRide, the 74 km non-competitive PolimiRide or the 74 km competitive PolimiRide. Registration will close on 7 October 2022 or upon reaching the maximum number subscribers. The Organization therefore reserves the right to close the registrations early or to accept them after the closing date at its sole discretion and on the basis of the regulations in force in the period preceding the PolimiRide.

I can no longer participate in the PolimiRide because it has been postponed: what can I do?

If you signed up before the PolimiRide was posponed to the 9th of October and you are no longer able to participate, you can request the change of the name of your registration by sending an email to indicating the personal data (all those requested in the registration form) of the person who will take your place. The name change can be made up to September 16.

What are the requirements to register for the competitive and non-competitive 74 km PolimiRide?

To participate in the 74 km non-competitive race it is necessary to have a medical certificate of “attività ludico-motoria” valid on the date of the event and the daily supplementary insurance coverage F.C.I. to be purchased during registration at a cost of € 10 or an FCI membership as a cycle tourist. The minimum age is 14.

The following can participate in the 74 km competitive race:

  • all FCI members belonging to the categories ELMT/M1/​​M2/M3/M4/M5/M6/M7/M8 – EWS/W1/W2/W3;
  • all E.P.S. members with the card of the institution or with the Bike Card, together with the card of the institution;
  • foreign athletes with UCI card with presentation of a medical certificate in English certifying their suitability for a competitive cycling event;
  • Italian and foreign non-members, covered by supplementary FCI daily insurance paid by the participant, with presentation, in Italian or in English for foreigners, of the a medical certificate certifying their suitability for a competitive cycling event.

Membership and medical certificate must be valid on the date of the event. The minimum age to participate in the competitive race is 17 years old.

What do I have to do to register for the 25 km non-competitive PolimiRide?

To register for the 25 km non-competitive PolimiRide use the form you find at this link.

It is not necessary to have any membership and / or a medical certificate. The minimum age to be registered for the non-competitive PolimiRide of 25 km is 14 years; children between the ages of 14 and 17 must be enrolled by a parent / legal guardian.

The route is flat and can be done by everyone, even by the little ones. Children under 14 cannot be registered for the race but can participate accompanied by a parent / legal guardian, they will not be equipped with bib and jersey.

The daily supplementary insurance coverage F.C.I. is mandatory for everyone?

No, it is mandatory for the 74 km non-competitive race and the 74 km competitive race only if the athlete is not already in possession of one of the membership cards specified in the regulation. In both cases it can be purchased together with the registration on the Endu portal. Those who register for the non-competitive 25 km race will not have to purchase any supplementary insurance coverage.

Can minors participate?

Registration for the 25 km non-competitive PolimiRide and the 74 km non-competitive PolimiRide for children aged 14 to 17 must be carried out by a parent or legal guardian.

Children under 14 cannot be registered but can participate in the non-competitive race accompanied by a parent; they will not be equipped with shirt and bib with chip.

The 25 km route is accessible to everyone and can also be done by the little ones.

It is possible to register for the 74 km competitive PolimiRide from the age of 17.

Is the helmet mandatory for everyone?

Yes, all participants must wear an approved helmet for the entire duration of the race, regardless of the type of PolimiRide to which they are registered.

What does the registration fee include?

Your registration for PolimiRide 2022 includes: official t-shirt of the event, race bib, disposable chip for timing detection, race kit with products from our sponsors, half-way refreshment, final refreshment, changing rooms, bag deposit, RCT insurance, mechanical assistance, medical assistance and radio rescue.

What services are available for bikes?

On Friday 7 October you can leave your bike at the race kit distribution point set up inside the Leonardo Campus; we will bring your bike to the Piacenza Campus and on the day of the race you will find it at Piazzale della Libertà, nearby the Piacenza Campus, from 7:30 am. The service is available for a limited number of bicycles; the transport will be a mass one and it will by truck, it’s not suitable for bicycles of high economic value because a full protection from bumps and scratches during the transfer cannot be guaranteed. The bike storage will be guarded even at night. The bikes transported to Piacenza will be returned to Milano at the end of the event.

To enjoy the final awards and party, at the end of the race all the bikes can be left in the guarded deposit set up outside the Piacenza Campus (Piazzale della Libertà).

I am registered to the competitive PolimiRide: what do I need to know?

If you are registered in the 74 km competitive PolimiRide, read carefully this information that will be useful for you to participate in the race:

  • a rigid and approved helmet is mandatory;
  • during the entire duration of the race, it is mandatory to keep the rigid race number attached to the bike frame and the dorsal number on the jersey legibly;
  • the use of a personal chip is not allowed, you can only use the one provided by the organization; it must be attached (with the supplied clamps) to the seat post;
  • a muscle bike is mandatory (it’s not possible to participate with an electric bicycle).

When, where and how can I collect my race kit?

To collect it, you need to bring an email with your bib number and an identity document.

It is possible to collect the official race jersey, bib, chip and race kit at the following places and times:

  • Campus Milano Leonardo: Friday 7 October from 11:00 am to 19:00 pm
  • Campus Piacenza Caserma Neve: Saturday 8 October from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm
  • Campus Piacenza Caserma Neve: Sunday 9 October from 7:30 am to 8:30 am

At the time of registration (for the 25 km non-competitive race) or in the week of the race (for the 74 km competitive and non-competitive race) you will receive an email with your bib number, show it to the staff to collect the race kit . Together with the bib, you will be given the jersey and the official race bag. Close to the event, you will be sent an email with dates, times and all the necessary information.

When you collect your kit, you can communicate to the staff the size of the shirt you prefer. For hygene reasons, the collected shirt cannot be replaced under any circumstances.


I have not received the confirmation email with my bib number. What can I do?

If you have not received the confirmation email after your registration to the 25 km non-competitive PolimiRide try to check the Spam/Junk and if you can’t find it there, write to attaching your payment receipt. If you have registered for the competitive or non-competitive 74 km PolimiRide, your bib number will be sent to you by email during the week of the race. For any information on your registration to the competitive or non-competitive 74 km PolimiRide you can send an email to

Can I collect the race kit for another person?

Yes. You will need to show from your smartphone the email received from your friend with his bib number and a digital copy of his identity document.

Where is the start? Where is the finish line?

We will leave at 9:00 am from Viale Pubblico Passeggio, Piacenza – near the Arata Campus of the Piacenza campus of Politecnico di Milano; the route is circular, departure and arrival will coincide. The PolimiRide Village will be set up in the Arata Campus in Piacenza where you will find all the useful services (refreshments, bathrooms, changing rooms, bag storage, bike parking).

How do you enter the Village and how does the departure work?

The access time to the PolimiRide Village (set up at the Arata Campusin Piacenza, Via Scalabrini 113) is from 7:30 am to 8:30 am; In the days before the race we will send you by email all the information on how to access the Village and which entrance to the campus will be used as an entrance gate. At the entrance, random checks will be carried out with metal detectors.

You can collect your race kit at the Caserma Neve Campus (Via Scalabrini 76, Piacenza), all other services will be set up within the Arata Campus (Via Scalabrini 173, Piacenza).

The starting area will be located on Viale Pubblico Passeggio where the starting point of the PolimiRide 2022 will be; inside the starting area, the athletes must position themselves in this order:

  • in the lead the amateur athletes registered in the competitive 74 km PolimiRide;
  • following the athletes registered in the non-competitive 74 km PolimiRide;
  • finally, the athletes enrolled in the 25 km non-competitive PolimiRide.

The groups will be recognizable by the color of the dorsal; in fact, each type of race (25 km non-competitive, 74 km non-competitive and 74 km competitive) has been assigned a different dorsal color: red for the competitive 74 km, yellow for the 74 km non-competitive, blue for the 25 km not competitive.

The first to leave will therefore be the competitive ones at 9:00 am and all the other participants will follow.

Is the bag deposit service available?

The bag storage service will be available on Sunday 9 October from 7:30 am to 8:30 am at the PolimiRide Village c/o Campus Arata, Piacenza campus (Via Scalabrini 173), there it will be possible to deposit the adidas bag (the one containing the gadgets of the sponsors) with everything you will need after the finish line.

N.B. It will not be possible to deposit a bag other than the one provided by the organization at the time of the kit collection or similar bags accepted at the discretion of the organization.

Is it possible to get changed before / after the race?

There will be spaces on the Arata Campus in Piacenza used as changing rooms at the arrival Village. There will be no showers.

Keep your mask close to you: in case of crowds, we suggest you wear it.

What will there be waiting for you at the finish line?

Once you reach the finish line, on Viale Pubblico Passeggio, you will be channeled towards the final refreshment point and the PolimiRide Village set up at the Arata Campus of Piacenza.

The services that you will find once you reach the finish line are:

  • final refreshment gluten and lactose free;
  • changing rooms;
  • bathrooms;
  • bag deposit, where you can retrieve your previously deposited bag;
  • secure parking where you can leave your bike to enjoy the final party and awards.

Keep your mask close: in case of crowds, we suggest you to wear it.

At the end of the race, stay with us for the final awards and the pasta party!

Where will I find the ranking? Who will be awarded?

After the race, on the website you will find a link to view your time. There will be the ranking of the competitors in order of arrival and a list of the non-competitive ones drawn up in alphabetical order. The non-competitive race does not include any ranking.

The first three absolute men and the first three absolute women will be awarded, as well as the first of the categories ELMT/M1/​​M2/M3/M4/M5/M6/M7/M8 – EWS/W1/W2/W3.

Some non-competitive participants will also be called on stage for recognition.

The prizes will be delivered only and exclusively at the time of the awards ceremony on the day of the event.

Where will I find my photos after the race?

We will publish the official PolimiRide album and video on the Facebook profile Sport – Politecnico di Milano.