PolimiRun changes face and PolimiRun Days are born!

We are back on track! The adidas Runners PolimiRun Spring 2020 is getting transformed: we have designed a completely new format for our community to go back to running and to safely challenge the other PolimiRunners!
From September 21 to October 12 you can pick up your jersey and then run independently on a special course we’ll design for PolimiRun Days. It will take place not only on Politecnico’s Campuses of Bovisa and Leonardo but also on our Campuses of Cremona, Lecco, Mantua and Piacenza.
By tracking your performance you can challenge the other PolimiRunners: as a final prize you can win the participation in an exclusive in-person event with exceptional guests and many surprises.

PolimiRun Spring 2020 registration fees are valid to participate in the PolimiRun Days?

Yes, if you have already registered for PolimiRun Spring 2020, your registration is valid to participate in the PolimiRun Days. You can come to take your race kit, including your shirt and race bib, that will be distributed starting from September 21 in all our Campuses; you will also have the chance to win a seat at the exclusive closure event.

It is not possible to obtain the refund of the PolimiRun Spring 2020 registration fee or its transfer to the next edition. of the event.

What does the registration fee include?

If you have already registered for PolimiRun Spring 2020, your registration is valid to participate in the PolimiRun Days. Registration fee includes the race kit, including your adidas shirt, race bib and the official app to track your performance; you will also have the chance to win a seat at the exclusive closure event. And signing up now for PolimiRun Days you can automatically participate in the event, with the promotion of the last running week!

How and by what date can I register for PolimiRun Days?

If you have already registered for PolimiRun Spring 2020, your registration is valid to participate in the PolimiRun Days. You can register for PolimiRun Days through the Web site www.polimirun.it. Registrations will be open until 11 October 2020 . In any case, the Organization reserves the right to close registrations in advance or to accept them after the closing date at its sole discretion.

Is the participation allowed to minors?

Registration for children aged 14 to 17 (on the day of the race) registration must be taken care of by a parent or legal guardian.

Children under 14 years cannot be registered but they can participate with a parent; they will not have their racing bib and T-shirt.

I did not receive the confirmation email with my bib number. What can I do?

If you have not received the confirmation email right after your registration to the PolimiRun Days, try checking the SPAM folder and if you cannot find it there also, write to polimirun@polimi.it and attach your payment receipt; we will send you a new confirmation email.

Where, when and how can I pick up my race kit?

Until 12 October, you can collect official race jersey, race bib and race kit at all the Politecnico di Milano Campuses in the following days and hours:

  • Milano Leonardo Campus: from Monday to Friday 9:00 – 15:00 and Saturday 9:00 – 12:00; Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, space behind building 3
  • Cremona Campus: from Monday to Friday 9:00 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 17:00; Via Sesto 39/41, Sport Point
  • Lecco Campus: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11:30 – 14:30; Via G. Previati 1/c, building 9, ground floor, classroom B02
  • Mantova Campus: Monday 9:30 – 12:30, Wednesday 9:30 – 12:30 e 15:00 – 18:00, Friday 9:30 – 12:30; Via Scarsellini 15, ground floor, yellow building, Sport Point
  • Piacenza Campus: from Monday to Friday 9:00 – 12:00, reservation require by sending an email to didattica.piacenza@polimi.it indicating in the subject “collection PolimiRun race kit”; Via Scalabrini 76, Registrar’s office
  • Autorigoldi dealership (sponsor of PolimiRun Days that will be present with the brand new Volkswagen ID.3 at the final event): Friday 15:00 – 19:00, reservation require by sending an email to polimirun@polimi.it indicating in the subject “reservation – Autorigoldi”; Via Inganni 81/A, Milan

When you will pick up your race kit, you could ask to our staff the size you prefer for the T-shirt.

To pick up the race kit you have to bring the email with your bib number and an identity document.

Can I pick up the racing bib for another person?

Yes; in order to do that you must show (on your smartphone) the email received by your friend with his bib number and also a digital copy of his identity document.

Where can I run the PolimiRun Days?

You can choose to run on one or more courses we’ll design for the PolimiRun Days: there will be 6 routes and each one will have departure and arrival within one of our campuses (not only those of Milan Bovisa and Leonardo, but also our Campuses of Cremona, Lecco, Mantua and Piacenza). At this link, you can dowload the tracks of the 6 routes.

If you are far from our campuses, you can run on a course you will choose, wherever you will be and of any length.

Is it possible to change clothes before/after the race?

At the campuses, gazebos used as changing rooms, showers and bag storage will not be available.

How can I track my performance?

To track your performance during PolimiRun Days, download the official PolimiRun Days app: remember to open our app and start the performance tracking, every time you run.

The access to the tracking app is reserved only for those registered for the event and before being able to enter it is necessary to go through this quick registration procedure:

1) go to the registration link by clicking here
2) enter your personal code that you can find below and your email address;
3) fill in the required fields; at the end of the procedure you will have to choose your password: this, together with the email you entered at the start of registration, will be the credentials to access the app and its features.

If, on the other hand, you already have an Endu account, after entering your code and your email, you have to write also the password of your account and you have to complete the procedure in order to enable your credentials to access the app.

N.B. The entire procedure is free for those who are already registered for PolimiRun Days (or PolimiRun Spring 2020) and therefore does not require any payment operation.

Where can I found the PolimiRun Days app? 

You can download the official PolimiRun Days app at this link:

How does the PolimiRun Days app work?

If you run outside our campuses, select the free route option from the available routes within the app. When you are ready to go just press the START button on the screen, run the number of km you prefer and once you have finished press the STOP and save your performance.

If you are willing to run on one of our 5 km suggested routes in the Campuses of Milan Bovisa, Milan Leonardo, Cremona, Lecco, Mantua or Piacenza, select your chosen route from the app, move under the PolimiRun starting portal and when you are ready to go, press START. Through the app you can see exactly where you are on the path in order to follow it easily; run your 5 km and finish under the same arch you started from.

I am having trouble with the registration procedure to the app or its working. What can I do?

If you are having trouble with the registration procedure to access and use the app or you have noticed anomalies, disservices or malfunctions, you can open a ticket using this form; technical office will support you within 48 hours.

Please note that the registration procedure is mandatory to access to the app and its working and you can do it at this link by filling in the appropriate field your personal code we sent you by email.

How can I enter the ranking and participate in the final event? 

By tracking the performance, three rankings will be generated according to three different parameters:
– total number of km you run;
– best time on our suggested routes on the Campuses of Politecnico, (5 km paths we will provide you with the app);
– number of times you have completed a race (minimum 3 km) using the app.

We will only consider the performance registered during the PolimiRun Days period (until October 12th).

The best PolimiRunners of each of these rankings will have a place guaranteed at the final event on October 17th in one of the 3 exclusive squares in Milan, with exceptional guests and guaranteed fun!

Who are the special guests of the final event?

The event will take place from 3:00 pm simultaneously in three famous Milanese squares: Piazza Tre Torri (CiyLife), Piazza del Cannone (Parco Sempione) and obviously our Piazza Leonardo da Vinci; each location will welcome an incredible guest. Let’s find out who they are.

IL PAGANTE – Piazza del Cannone will welcome you with the music with the best hits of Il Pagante, a Milanese musical group.
There you will find also our university radio, POLI.RADIO!

PANPERS – In CityLife instead you can watch the show of the comic duo of PanPers, brought to success by Colorado andwith over 1 million subscribers to their Youtube channel.

T. CAGNOTTO and F. DALLAPE ‘– The intervention on the stage of Piazza Leonardo will be sporting themed, with two exceptional adidas testimonials: the incredible diving champions Tania Cagnotto and Francesca Dallapé, a couple who in 2016 conquered the Olympic silver medal in Rio in the synchro divig. It will be a truly unmissable interview!
The event will be accompanied by the music and voices of RDS 100% Grandi Successi, PolimiRun Days official radio.

Sign up now for PolimiRun Days and automatically participate in the event,
with the promotion of the last running week!