How and within which date can I register for PolimiRun Spring?

You can register for PolimiRun Spring through the Web site www.polimirun.it. You can choose whether to participate in non-competitive or competitive PolimiRun. The registrations will be open up to 14 May 2018 or if the number of 15,000 members is reached. The bib numbers available for competitive run are 700.

What are the differences between the COMPETITIVE and NON-COMPETITIVE PolimiRun?

The registration to the competitive race is allowed only to members of a FIDAL company or Runcard holders with a medical certificate for competitive sports specific for light athletics. The member card and the certificate must be valid at the date of the race. The group registered for the competitive PolimiRun will start first. The route, the T-shirt and the services will be the same for everyone.

I did not receive the confirmation email with my bib number. What can I do?

If you have not received the confirmation email after your registration to the non-competitive PolimiRun Spring 2019, try checking the SPAM and if you cannot find it there, write to polimirun@polimi.it and attach your payment receipt. If you are registered to the competitive PolimiRun Spring you will receive an email with your bib number the week before the race. If you will not receive it, send an email to: segreteria@sdam.it.

What does the participation fee include?

Official adidas T-shirt, racing bib with disposable chip, half-way and final refreshment, timekeeping service, changing rooms, bag storage set up in Leonardo Campus (Piazza Leonardo da Vinci), means of transport for athletes that dropped out of the race, race pack with products of the sponsors, RCT insurance, technical and medical assistance.

Is the participation allowed to minors?

Registration for children aged 14 to 17 on the day of the race must be made by a parent or legal guardian. Children under 14 years cannot be registered but they can participate with a parent; they will not have their racing bib and T-shirt.

Is it possible to participate in the PolimiRun by walking?

Everyone can keep the pace that they prefer, by taking into account that after 1 hour and 40 minutes the organization will no longer guarantee the safety on the route. In any case, if you are tired you can use the shuttle service (rescue bus) that will transport to the arrival area the athletes that will drop out the race.

Where and when can I pick up the racing bib and T-shirt?

You can collect official race jersey, race bib, and race kit in the following places and times:

  • Campus Bovisa La Masa: Wednesday 15 May – h 10.00 – 18.00
  • Campus Leonardo (at the PolimiRun Village in Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci): Friday 17 – h 10:00 – 20:00 and Saturday 18 May – h 10:00 – 17:00

It is not possible to pick up the race bib on the day of the race unless people who come from outside the Lombardy region, only they can pick up the race bib on Saturday, May 19 from 7.30 to 9.00 at the Departure Village.

To pick up the race bib you must bring a printed copy of the email with your bib number (for the competitors the email will arrive in the week of the race) and an identity document.

Can I pick up the racing bib for another person?

Yes. You must show the printed email received by your friend with his bib number and a paper copy of his identity document.

How does the bag storage work?

As the last year, for logistical and security reasons it will no longer be possible to transport your bags from departure to arrival. But we have set up a bag deposit service in the days before the race; the procedures are:

1) Together with the race bib you will receive a sticker with the corresponding number and the adidas race bag. Inside the adidas bag you will find a transparent bag. Apply the adhesive to the transparent bag and transfer what you want to find on arrival.

2) Give the bag at the stand of the bag deposit at the Bovisa La Masa Campus on May 15th from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, or at the PolimiRun Village at Leonardo Campus on Friday 17 from 10:00 to 8:00 pm and Saturday 18 May from 10:00 am at 5:00 pm.
Otherwise you can deposit it – only at the Village of Piazza Leonardo – on the morning of the race, from 7:30 am.

3) At the end of the race take back your bag at the stand in the Arrival Village at Leonardo Campus – Piazza Leonardo, showing your race bib to our staff.

For reasons of security and because of new anti-terrorism regulations, it will not be possible to deposit bags that are not the transparent bags provided by the organization.

Where is the start? Where is the finish line?

The start will be at 9.30 from Bovisa La Masa Campus – Via La Masa and the finish line is in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci. Here, you will find the PolimiRun Village, where you can find all the services (refreshment, toilets, changing rooms) and our sponsor corners.

How do I get to the starting Village and how can I get back there?

We suggest you not to come by car due to the lack of parking spaces, but the Village of Arrival and Departure are well served by public transport.

Here are the easiest ways to reach them:

for the departure village: Campus Bovisa la Masa: Ferrovie Nord – Bovisa Politecnico stop (the starting line can be reached walking);
for the arrival village: Piazza Leonardo da Vinci: M2 Green Line – PIOLA stop;

There will not be a shuttle to go back to departure but the two villages of departure and arrival are very well connected by public transport.

To get back to the start then you can take the green line (M2) towards Abbiategrasso / Assago and get off at Milano Porta Garibaldi. From there go to the Passante Ferroviario, track 2 (underground) and get off at the Milan-Bovisa Politecnico stop (for lines S1, S2, S12, S13) or Villapizzone (for lines S5, S6).

Who starts first and what will be the departure positioning?

The group of Competitive runners starts first, precisely at 9.30; as you can see in the map below, they will place first in line, directly under the starting inflatable arch.

Soon after, the adidas Runners group will start, at 9:35, so they will be placed immediately behind the competitive run group.

Finally after them, at 9:40 will leave the group of non-competitive runners that will have to arrange according to a new modality:
There will be 4 starting grids starting from 4 different colored inflatable arches with the following journey times: 47.5 min or less, 50 min, 55 min, and 60 min or more. You will have to position yourself under the arch indicating your expected journey duration (which you indicated at the time of your registration) that you will also find printed on your race bib.

Below each inflatable arch you will find the Pacers that will accompany you to the finish line in the indicated time.

As the first groups starts, those behind it will come forward, in fact all the groups will be start the race from the main arch, marked on the map below with “START”.

Access to the start areas is allowed until 9:20 am. Everyone must position themselves under the arch indicating the same pace on their bib number.

Is it possible to change clothes at the start/finish?

Yes, both at the start and finish line there will be gazebos used as changing rooms. Showers will not be available.

Will there be available any shuttle service to get back to the start?

No, but the two start and arrival villages are very well connected by public transport.

DEPARTURE: Ferrovie Nord – Bovisa Politecnico stop. ARRIVAL: M2 Green Line – PIOLA stop

Where can I find the race ranking?

After the race, at the Web site www.polimirun.it you can find the link to view your time.

Will the race course be closed to traffic?

The race course is closed to traffic until the last athlete passes.

It is 10 km long, recognized FIDAL. The departure is from the Campus Bovisa la Masa (via La Masa) while the arrival will be in Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci, right in front of the historic façade of Politecnico di Milano.

The path will cross the city of Milan in an almost perfect straight path, you will be able to make your best time!

Here are all the roads that will be closed to traffic:

(DEPARTURE) Via La Masa – Via Mariani – Via Lambruschini – Via Giampietrino – Piazza Bottini -Via Ailanti – Piazza P. Castelli (contromano) -Via Mac Mahon (KM1)  -Viale Monte Ceneri – Cavalcavia Bacula (corsia dedicata alla corsa) (KM 2 ) –Piazzale Lugano – Viale Bodio – Piazzale Nigra – Viale Torelli (KM3) – Viale Lacetti – Viale Stelvio (KM 4)– Piazza Appio Claudio – Viale Nazario Sauro (KM 5)– Viale Sondrio – Melchiorre Gioia (giro di Boa angolo con Via Galvani) – Via Tonale – Sottopasso Mortirolo (KM7)– Via Pergolesi – Via Piccinni – Via Monteverdi – Piazzale Bacone – Via Paracelso (KM 8)– Via Donatello – Piazzale Piola – Via Spinoza – Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci – Via Bonardi (KM 9)- Via Ponzio- Via Celoria – Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci (ARRIVAL)